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A small town garden in mid Germany with many "Garden rooms", interesting decorations, and old roses.

A large town garden in mid Germany with a vast array of interesting plants, many varieties of roses, and interesting wooden buildings.

Dr Konrad Naeser was head gardener to the famous Carl Foerster, and has become one of the world’s experts on fuchsia, many varieties of which can be found in his quite small, but thickly planted, garden in Potsdam, East Germany.

A beautiful country garden in Connecticut, USA. With many interesting corners, paving, and water features.

A wonderful sub-tropical garden situated on the north side of Long Island, featuring many exotic plants. Dennis Schrader is the author of "Hot Plants for Cold Climates".

Chateau de Valmer
This beautiful castle garden lying in the Loire valley of France is built on three levels and features many rare plants, and interesting corners. The owner Madame Alix de Saint-Venat is a leading expert on vegetables, especially unusual varieties.

Avant Garden
A very interesting country garden, featuring a large potager area, situated in the north of Belgium, and owned by the well known Garden Architect Luc Logist.